Curlin’s Guide For Identifying and Getting Rid of STDs

Chances are if you’ve slept with a few people in the last few months, you’ve been exposed to multiple strains of HPV, have a good chance of coming in contact with Herpes, and possibly could already have been infected with Syphillis or Chlamydia. For more information on STD screenings in Orange County visit  For this reason it is extremely important to make sure that you are regularly getting screened for STDs and STIs at a local clinic or testing center.  Testing can be incredibly simple; you just need to book an appointment online, show up to the doctors office and give a sample of your urine and blood and within 48 hours you should receive a phone call from the clinic telling you whether or not you’ve tested positive for a wide array of diseases.  If you do test positive, it depends on the actual disease or bacteria or virus that you’ve been infected with for how you will be treated.  Consider yourself lucky if you manage to escape with chlamydia or syphillis, as both of these infections can easily be cured with an over the counter anti biotic after about a week and a half of taking it.  Slightly more worrying, but much more popular is the HPV or human papiloma virus strain.  There are over 500 different strains of HPV circulating amongst the human population today, and most of them are relatively harmless.  The ones that are harmful, unfortunatley result in cervical cancer for the females that get infected.  Some may call this unfair, but almost every strain of HPV has 0 effect on the male population.  The flip side to this is that HPV can lead to throat cancer if the male consistently performs oral sex on a female infected with the virus.  One of the least harmful strains of HPV is sadly the most harmful psychologically.  Genital warts is one flavor of HPV that is characterized by, you guessed it, warts on your genitals.  These unsightly warts are easily passed to non infected partners and are usually easily visible.  Infected people often have a difficult time sleeping with people knowing that their genitals are covered in warts.  As of right now there is no cure for genital warts or most strains of HPV however there is some recent evidence that suggests the human body is able to eventually rid itself of the virus and consequently be fully healed. The easiest way to avoid getting infected with one of these STDs is to always use a condom when you have sex.  Regardless of what the other person tells you, having a policy of wearing a condom significantly diminishes the chances of ever getting infected, although you are still at a small risk for contracting the disease on the skin not covered by the condom, so you should be aware of this.  Even though some may have complained about condom’s reducing the sensation of sex, technology has progressed to the point today where there are small enough condoms that it “almost” feels like the real thing.  See some of the newer lines of Trojan condoms for examples of these condoms; however be very aware that these do have a tendency to wear more easily and tear more easily than normal condoms. These sexual health videos might give you a good idea of what should and shouldn’t be done in regards to sex.